Payment methods

According to the General terms and conditions for electricity supply, the electricity bill must be paid within the announced payment timetable for the particular residential places and the duration of the payment period is not shorter than 10 days.

The company provides the following non-cash point ways of payment, through which you save time and limit the number of failures to pay liabilities:

1. By bank ways:

  • Direct debit – the current liability is paid by bank transfer, automatically, every month;
  • ATM – by transferring the due amount from your debit card;
  • Bank transfer - by transferring the due amount at a suitable for you bank branch to the designated account in Societe Generale Expressbank, IBAN: BG12TTBB94001527717093, BIC: TTBBBG22.

2. Over the Internet* by way of:

  • Electronic banking at the site of your servicing bank;
  • The electronic payment system (;

*The amounts transferred in the above ways enter the ENERGO-PRO system on the day following the payment.

In addition, you can pay your electricity bill in cash at the cash points of ENERGO-PRO or in the designated post offices.