Supply of electricity to non-residential customers under the terms of a standard contract after 01.10.2020

Until 30.09.2020, all non-residential customers, whose sites are connected to the electricity distribution network at low voltage level, had the opportunity to purchase electricity on the regulated market at electricity prices approved by the Energy and Water Regulatory Commission (EWRC).

According to amendments to the Energy Act (prom. SG, No. 57 of 26.06.2020), as of 01.10.2020, non-residential customers purchase electricity on the free market from a supplier (vendor) selected by them at market prices. For the customers, who by 30.09.2020 failed to choose and conclude a contract with a vendor on the free market, the supply of electricity is carried out by their current supplier, but in its capacity as a vendor. The supply of electricity to these customers is carried out at freely negotiated prices and under a type contract, which is approved as a sample by EWRC ( The final date by which a customer can be supplied under the type contract is 30.06.2021.

Here you can find in Bulgarian the sample of the type contract validated by EWRC, under the conditions of which ENERGO-PRO Sales AD, in its capacity as a vendor, will supply electricity to non-residential customers, which until 30.09.2020 failed to pass on the free market. with a supplier of their choice.

Customers may sign a type contract in any of the following ways: 

The prices for all tariffs of the separate tariff plans, according to which ENERGO-PRO Sales AD will supply electricity to non-residential customers as from 01.10.2020, are announced on the company's website:

Prices of ENERGO-PRO Sales AD from 01.10.2020 for non-residential customers connected to the electricity distribution network at low voltage level

Customers should be aware that a change in reporting dates is possible after their transition from a regulated to a free market. Customers can get information about changes in the reporting dates from the electricity distribution network operator – Electrodistribution North AD.

The invoicing of the electricity consumption of non-residential customers of ENERGO-PRO Sales AD after 01.10.2020 will be carried out in accordance with the conditions in the type contract approved by EWRC, namely:

  • By the end of the month following the reporting month, ENERGO-PRO Sales AD issues and sends an invoice to the customer;
  • The term for payment of the due amount will be not shorter than 10 days starting from the date of issuing the invoice.

ENERGO-PRO Sales AD provides for non-residential customers the same payment channels as it provided before 01.10.2020, as a final supplier.

For the customers who conclude a type contract with ENERGO-PRO Sales AD, the company will initiate a procedure for initial registration on the free market, including will conclude on behalf of the customer the necessary contracts for participation on the free market – contract for access and transmission of electricity through the electricity distribution. network of Electrodistribution North AD (for customers with hourly meters) and a contract for the supply of electricity by a supplier of last resort. According to the standard model contract approved by EWRC, upon request the company provides the customer with the signed contracts.