Change in the deadlines for payment of consumed electricity as of August 2021

As of July 1, 2021, a change in the organization of the work of the electricity supply company is forthcoming, which will affect a significant part of the household customers on the licensed territory of ENERGO-PRO Sales.

In order to improve the customer service and as a result of the introduction of a new meter reading schedule by Electrodistribution North AD (the electricity distribution company operating in Northeastern Bulgaria), ENERGO-PRO Sales will make changes in the invoicing dates, as well as in the terms for payment of the monthly electricity bills. 

The planned reorganization of the meter reading schedule will take effect from 01.07.2021. This will lead to a change in the deadlines for payment of issued invoices, as of August 2021. In the transitional period, in order to prevent the issuance of invoices for consumption over 31 days, most of the customers of ENERGO-PRO Sales will receive an intermediate invoice. This will not affect the total amount that customers will owe for the period and it will be formed on the basis of actual electricity consumption.

In practice, the electricity consumption obligations of customers with one or two intermediate invoices will be distributed to smaller subperiods. You can check your new payment deadline at

Optimizing the period between the date of the report and the date of issuing the invoice will lead to more efficient planning of customers' electricity costs.

You can receive more information about the forthcoming change in the Customer Service Centers of ENERGO-PRO, over the phone at 0700 800 61 or by sending an email to