Change of electricity supplier

In order to start purchasing electricity from a supplier (trader) of their choice on a free market, each customer goes through a procedure * to change supplier and coordinator of a balancing group. It is carried out electronically and is initiated by the customer through their chosen new supplier. For this purpose, it is necessary to have a contract for combined services or a contract for the sale of electricity and participation in a balancing group between the trader and the customer, the second option is possible only for customers whose consumption is measured hourly. Customers who change a supplier for the first time from a regulated free market also go through a free market registration procedure, which is also initiated by the customer's trader.

The change of supplier and coordinator of a balancing group always takes effect from the first day of the month, provided that the procedure is started by the 10th day of the previous month. Within the procedure, the previous supplier has the right to object to the change in case of failure of contractual obligations by the customer.

An obligatory condition for the participation on the free market is the existence of a contract concluded by the customer with a supplier of last resort. Customers who do not have a contract with a supplier of last resort should conclude such during the free market registration procedure or when changing supplier and balancing group coordinator. If this condition is not observed, the procedure will be terminated.

The main role of the supplier of last resort is to ensure the supply of electricity to customers on the free market who are left without a supplier for reasons beyond their control (their vendor has a license revoked/removed from the market/declared bankruptcy/etc.), or when the term of the customer's contract with his supplier has expired and no new supplier has been selected. The supply of electricity under the contract with the supplier of last resort is activated only when one of the events described above occurs. The change of supplier of last resort with a vendor shall be carried out under the same rules applicable to the standard change of supplier and coordinator of a balancing group.

*The terms and conditions for change of supplier and coordinator of balancing group are regulated in the Electricity trading rules. The procedure is administered by the respective electricity distribution network operator, to which the customer's site is connected.